Beauty on the River..Nature Cont’d


To continue on with nature shots, today we have a few river shots. These were captured by josh. He found our blog and asked to contribute….of course! We love nature and those that put themselves out there and want to share their talents and captured moments.

Josh shares a poem to reflect his images.

Reflect & Re Vibrate


Mimicked image,

Captured stillness.

A draft of fluctuations

All to new…. one knows not what to do.

Ask in the ethers,

Feel the reverberated effect.

Surround oneself with beauty. 

Bask in the reflections of peace,

Transmute the vibrations of tranquility

Into thy’s honesty.

Walk in nature and observe what you feel. Your internal awareness allows for your own peaceful reflection. As above, so below. As within, so without.

J. Belquoy


Josh’d words hit home. They are beautiful. Words to reflect upon.

A very big thank you and heartfelt gratitude to our readers and contributors. It makes our blog that much better.


Nature’s Flowers


Nature’s Flowers

There is something about sunflowers. I have always been a fan of them, and they are one of my favorite flowers.  I came across some with a burnt orange center. I snapped a few quick pictures, as I was walking my dogs and they were wanting to chase squirrels. This made holding my Iphone and taking pictures a little difficult. I caught three different shots. It wasn’t wasn’t until later when I was looking at the shots I got, that I realized the bee in the middle of the first sun burnt sunflower picture. How I didn’t see him at the time, I’m not sure (probably because those dogs I had with me).

These type of shots I absolutely love!  You take a picture and get more than you expected upon inspection. These photos are unfiltered and simply exactly as I took them. Now I can review them and think about what I can do differently next time, to improve the shot, yet still keep it in raw form.

I love the many ways you can enhance photography today……however, yes I have a however… in the raw is true art. Angles are a big part of it too. What can be captured without special effects or lens’? Maybe I am still super amateur, or maybe this will just become my style, but I like realness.

I love a face untainted by make up. Make up is paint and can too be beautiful, but something in it’s pure state is beautiful.  It is natural.  It is nature.

City Signs

city-life signs-in-the-city

turning-leaf-studios caught-on-camera

Signs offer direction and cues to people all over the world. Street signs keep traffic moving, pedestrians safe, visitors insight to where they are at, and vandals territorial rights. Signs are more or less a form of organization. Whether they are pictures or spelled out names of restaurants and stores, we follow signs more than we probably realize.

These pictures were submitted by Jayson D. He has his own plumbing business in Tempe, AZ,, and one of his favorite hobbies and passions is photography. He currently is fascinated with city signs. Being that he travels many places throughout Arizona for his business, he started photographing signs. It began one day when he was stopped at a stop sign. He sat in his truck and snapped a picture. He said it was really nothing, but then he thought-people pass signs everyday, aware of then or not. Most are ones we are used to seeing. Some are funny, some are sad, some give you a clue to what is in front of you and some are random. But signs are part of life in action. How often do you really stop and pay attention to the signs around you?

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Buds of Life

IMG_0059 IMG_0062 IMG_0060

The Buds of Life

Many people think cactus and think thorns and prickers, which there are, let me tell you. I actually was swinging my arms on a walk and my hand hit right into one. Six cactus thorns were stuck in my left them and pointer finger. I pulled them out one by one, and had to use force to remove them. A few months later I had a weird rash on my fingers and I could barely bend my thumb and forefinger.  It was painful and felt like my joint was poisoned. Come to find out, it is an after effect of cactus needles. It took six months for the pain and stiffness to cease and today there are still small scars. So cacti are a lot of needles, needles(s) to say :).

This photo, taken by a reader and guest photographer, Amy, was captured near A-Mountain in Tempe, AZ. The flowers went from buds to bloom. The vibrant colors reds, oranges, and yellows are a sight for the eyes.

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Caught in the Moment


Caught In The Moment

This shot was taken of a girl sitting on a bench on the main street of Huntington Beach, CA. She was sipping a coffee and, very obviously, in her own thoughts. I noticed something in her hair. I zoomed in to find out it was a beetle of some sort.

If you notice in the first picture, the color of the bug ties in with the wheel of the bike you catch a glimpse of to the right of her. It is art in life. The contrast of the color of her hair and the beetle/bug, the shades of natural sunlight, and the bike tires (if you notice them) of life happening, although it is caught in it’s stillness.

I love catching people in moments of existence. So many things we do and experience now a days are thought out and planned. To capture someone in their own stillness and place, unexpectedly, is something that truly inspires me. If you saw and read my last post, it again reiterates what I have just said.

What was this girl in deep thought about? Do you ever wonder what people are thinking when you catch them unaware of what is going on around them, or what may be in their hair?

Quiet thoughts

Captured moment.

Unblocked flow

Expression in form.

Nature’s Colors

Life’s Chaos

Click and observe the Captured Moment.

Capturing a Moment

A Wedding Worth a Thousand Words


A wedding is an experience of a lifetime. Some of the moments captured at a wedding, are those only a picture can capture. A photo freezes the moment of time.

I recently had the opportunity to go and shoot a few photos with a friend, Damian, who is a photographer. I tagged along to observe, watch and listen to pointers given by Damian. He does freelance works and works with Take One Event Rentals, an event rental company in Arizona. Whenever Take One puts on a wedding they offer a photographer with it…kinda cool right?

A wedding is an event to be remembered. It is a time when to people choose to vow their love and respect to one another, for a lifetime. It captures all of the important moments that are experienced by the Bride, the Groom, and those attending the special experience. Those moments can be remembered and reflected on for years to come.

Moments Captured

Pre-Vows. Both the bride and groom preparing for the big “I do”. The moments before the official tie of hearts. A good photographer captures all the feelings that are buzzing in the given rooms. The nervousness, the excitement, the stress, the happiness.

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OM in the Rocks.

A follow up to my last post. Another Sedona Red Rock experience. This time on the vortex in the red rocks, the Om sign was found. Again, just another iphone shot. What’s pretty cool to me is finding these natural images in the rocks.

This OM sign was moss in the rocks. If you are unfamiliar with what OM means or stands for, allow me to give you some insight.

The symbol above is the OM symbol. It is a mystical symbol that represents a a sacred sound. It is an ancient Sanskrit word. OM is vibratory. It is the vibration of the universe. Everything has a vibration, therefore OM is representational of everything. It is not religious or new age, it just simply is. Our actions, our thoughts, and our words all vibrate. Vibration is again that of experience.

OM, when sounded is A (aahhh)-U (oohhh)-M (mmm).

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The Alien in the Rocks

This picture was captured in the red rocks of Sedona.  We were on a hike a came across an old cactus ear. It was somewhat beat up and I immediately saw an alien. I was able to nab a few shots before my good ol’ camera (the infamous Iphone) died. Really take a moment and see what you see.

Sedona is known for it vortices and abnormal sitings. Funny to find an alien in the rocks, huh?

A little information on Sedona. The majestic place this photo was captured.

Sedona is a town in Arizona with a population of almost 15,000 people.  It is a magical place. It is surrounded by large red rock formations, Pine Forests, Oak Creek, Vortexes, and earth conscious, new age residents. Long ago native tribes regarded Sedona is very sacred.

It is a great place to capture beautiful scenery, landscapes and crystal readings. People interested in art, spirituality, healing, and energy travel long distances to visit Sedona and the vortexes it houses (charged energy centers). It is a place we visit often for it’s peaceful beauty and healing nature.

You may find that many of our photos have been and will be taken in Sedona. If you have yet to visit, it is a place we recommend to make a point to experience.

For our photographers!

Welcome to Turning Leaf Studios.

We love capturing moments with a camera, and that’s exactly what we will do! We are not professional photographers…yet. We are amateurs with a desire to show our work now (even with it’s imperfections), as well as expose other cool and inspiring photography that we stumble upon.  It is the journey in this life time that matters.  Without “capturing”, it may be easily forgotten. Our site is meant to capture moments with images and words. As you keep up with us, you will see how we are turning leaves.

This week we ask what inspires you and for you to say a few words on why. Your always encouraged to submit your own photo to portray your inspiration.

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