Beauty on the River..Nature Cont’d


To continue on with nature shots, today we have a few river shots. These were captured by josh. He found our blog and asked to contribute….of course! We love nature and those that put themselves out there and want to share their talents and captured moments.

Josh shares a poem to reflect his images.

Reflect & Re Vibrate


Mimicked image,

Captured stillness.

A draft of fluctuations

All to new…. one knows not what to do.

Ask in the ethers,

Feel the reverberated effect.

Surround oneself with beauty. 

Bask in the reflections of peace,

Transmute the vibrations of tranquility

Into thy’s honesty.

Walk in nature and observe what you feel. Your internal awareness allows for your own peaceful reflection. As above, so below. As within, so without.

J. Belquoy


Josh’d words hit home. They are beautiful. Words to reflect upon.

A very big thank you and heartfelt gratitude to our readers and contributors. It makes our blog that much better.


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