OM in the Rocks.

A follow up to my last post. Another Sedona Red Rock experience. This time on the vortex in the red rocks, the Om sign was found. Again, just another iphone shot. What’s pretty cool to me is finding these natural images in the rocks.

This OM sign was moss in the rocks. If you are unfamiliar with what OM means or stands for, allow me to give you some insight.

The symbol above is the OM symbol. It is a mystical symbol that represents a a sacred sound. It is an ancient Sanskrit word. OM is vibratory. It is the vibration of the universe. Everything has a vibration, therefore OM is representational of everything. It is not religious or new age, it just simply is. Our actions, our thoughts, and our words all vibrate. Vibration is again that of experience.

OM, when sounded is A (aahhh)-U (oohhh)-M (mmm).

A (aaa) – The beginning of all sound. Our existence, our self. When beginning to chant this sound, it is felt in the back of the throat until is resonance is felt in the lower abdomen.

U (oohhh). The connection to more than just our self or ego. When chanting the vibrational sound is felt in the solar plexus. It is light and it is clarity.

M (mmm). Connecting consciousness with mmmmm. Unity of oneness. The sound is felt in the crown of the head. Unity.

And often times the silence after the chant of OM is not spoken of nor thought of, yet it may be equivalant in power to the actual chant itself. The silence after the mantra is there, and the fourth sound that is omitted. It is the sound of silence. It represents consciousness in it’s purest form, awareness. In order to understand this silence, you must experience it. One chant may do it for you, or you may need more. OM is a very cleansing chant.

If you’ve never chanted the word or sound of om, give it a try. You will feel the effect of it’s vibration penetrate you deeply. Take in the penetration and be mindful of your awareness in the experience.

I am inspired by beauty. It is why, regardless of the perfection of my tool I want to capture that ll around me. I want to capture what I see that maybe no one else sees. I want to capture silence, expression and love.

From a visual perspective, imagery can stir emotion, good, bad and indifferent within. It is expression. Expression is vibration. I hope to express positive vibrations in the photos that I present on the site.




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